Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap Metal Recycling serves all areas of NJ from Morris, Passaic, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Hudson Counties, etc.

We pride ourselves on recommendations of the best metal recycling businesses in the area and understand that superior service and notices only those businesses that have a superior customer service in Passaic and Morris County New Jersey and other areas.

The types of facilities our service provides are recyclers that are equipped to separate and bale, removal and haul away recyclable materials , such as ferrous and non ferrous metals. 

Many of these recycling centers offer copper recycling, brass recycling, wire recycling, aluminum recycling and stainless and steel recycling and compressors, boilers, air conditioner recycling, compressors, catalytic converter and metal parts from cars.

  • Scrap Metal Recycling –  Recyclers that buy a wide range of metals from contractors, such as copper recycling, brass recycling, aluminum recycling, steel recycling and more..
  • Container Services –  Many of the scrap metal dealers provide dumpsters for you to dispose and  remove the  scrap metal.

We hope to help consumers and commercial scrap metal businesses find recycling businesses to recycle and sell their scrap metal for a good price.

We have found those recycling centers and buyers that will pay you cash and recycle other metal scrap you have laying around at no cost or even pick-up the scrap.  This site will be updated on a daily basis with new articles and tips and latest recycling centers and average scrap prices been paid.

You see, when a homeowner or small business in New Jersey accumulates lots of scrap metals, instead of piling up or dumping the scrap, you now can recycle scrap metals in NJ and get paid top dollar for all your metal appliances, from toasters, washing machines, and many more metals.

Many people just toss scrap metals and appliances, metals such as copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum and more, but make sure to check out those scrap metal recycling businesses that have been rated as the best in the area of NJ.

If a small business contractor has been doing renovations on homes, he may have lots of scrap from ferrous to non ferrous scrap metals, from aluminum, cable wire scrap, copper, brass and wire scrap, so much of this can be recycled and aluminum siding and such pays well in this type of business.

Many times these small contractors or DIY people like us here in NJ, may have old scrap metals such as brass fittings, or old stainless steel sinks, tubs, tanks, batteries, car wheels and auto parts and more to recycle.    To create a green environment and do what’s right, we want to find either free scrap metal recycling services or better yet, find a local scrap metal buyer in NJ that offers the best scrap metal prices to recycle it.

RECYCLING METALS AND CASH?Cash is King at Scrap Metal Recycling NJ

Speaking from experience, we have had many home renovations done over the years.  We never knew about scrap metal buyers or scrap metal recycling NJ.  Then we found out we can get CASH for our scrap!  There are actually Junk Scrap Metal Buyers too!  But try to locate one who will help you with your scrap products and be honest about it!

We realize that recycling companies are not easy to locate in NJ, and finding honest people who will buy or take your scrap products or scrap metals can be a chore!

During the summer, we found out there were a couple of  kids in the neighborhood that we knew that were doing home renovations by us in NJ.  They had a lot of home metals scrap and and had old copper wires, aluminum sinks and stainless steel household products that piled up.

They were going to toss them out, but we told them that there are scrap recycling services in the area, and many were free and these things can be be picked up or dropped off at recycling centers.   We later told them, if the piles of scrap metals are huge, it is a good idea to find out who in the area will pick up the scrap for free and recycle it, or better yet you may be able to get some CASH for this scrap!

Actually, we mentioned that now they can sell their scrap to local, honest scrap buyers who recycle metals in NJ and will give you cash on the spot, but how do you find where they are, since many will not pickup scrap nor will they pay you a decent dollar, a lot will try to scam you!

Since we here at Scrap Metal Recycling NJ, don’t own any scrap metal recycling business, we wanted to find out where the honest scrap metal recycling centers are located and share it with everyone in NJ.

Remember, don’t just toss out your scrap! Scrap yards and Scrap Metals in NJ

Therefore, we  wanted you to find this website because unlike other sites that may pop up, we are consumers like you, looking for scrap metal recycling centers and scrap metal buyers.   If there is a legitimate business out there that will pay us Cash for our scrap, then we want to keep you informed.

More importantly, this site, Scrap Metal Recycling NJ, will help find an honest scrap metal removal company, one that is professional and licensed by the State of NJ.

The last thing you need is to be scammed by some local scrap metal buyer or scrap recycling center that is dishonest or illegal!

Remember, the scrap metal recycling industry is huge and the scrap prices for many ferrous and non ferrous scrap metals such as silver, gold, iron, steel, stainless steel, copper and especially copper wires, can bring lots of money!

Save energy with NJ scrap metal recyclingSCRAP METAL RECYCLING SAVES ENERGY

The scrap metal recycling industry recycles tons of scrap every day. Actually, by doing this it will keep our environment clean. It has been a major mess, especially in NJ, with the oceans being contaminated and plastics filling up the waterways and killing fish.

With the collection of aluminum and plastics, scrap recycling will keep everything out of the landfills and keeps our environment clean.  This transforms outdated and obsolete scrap metals and products into useful raw materials again that can be used for creating new environmentally “Green” products.  This saves energy and there are great savings to our resources, by recycling the old and creating new products.

Our motto at Scrap Metal Recycling NJ is help everyone with the information to sustain our natural materials such as iron ore, trees and other natural resources.  Scrap recycling also stimulates the economy by promoting jobs and a greener, cleaner environment.

Recycling Batteries, Tires

We also want to cover some miscellaneous items, since it is important for all consumers to know how to recycle these other miscellaneous scrap products.

Recycling greenhouse gas emissions will help save energy by reducing the energy it take s to produce new products, besides heat our homes and power up that Red Power horse of a Mustang.

Our whole world depends on recycling and our children’s future will depend on it too!

Below, are some other recycling concerns, rules, regulations and article info on how and where to recycle it!

Recycling OilRecycle Oil with Scrap Metal Recycling NJ

If you are changing your car’s oil, what should you do?  When you bring it to your local gas station, there are rules on how and where they should get rid of it, so they charge you to do that.

Motor oil contaminates not only our land but our drinking water, which is unhealthy.  Besides, local governments classify scrap oil as a hazardous substance, so we need to look for recycling centers.

Recycling of Tires

Tire recycling at Scrap Metal Recycling NJTires are a well-known source of waste and now can be recycled.  Steer clear of burning these tires, since it is illegal and another source of toxic fumes.

Recycling of Batteries at Scrap Metal Recycling NJ

Recycling of Batteries

Single-use and rechargeable batteries contain toxic substance and contaminate our environment.  It’s best to take them to a recycle center that deals with hazardous waste, such as batteries.

NJ County Listings of Recyclable Scrap Metal

Here are some local scrap metal recycling NJ centers and the recommendations will be updated daily.

Rockaway Recycling

A&A Scrap Metal and Iron Co

M & A Recycling

Also check out these other NJ County Listings of Recyclable Scrap Metal Materials and laws that govern all scrap metal recycling in NJ.

NJ County Listing of Recyclable Materials

State of NJ Recycling Scrap Metal

There are some other recycling regulations and recycling rules governed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concerning Refrigerant Recycling Rules.

Scrap Metal Recycling NJ and Aluminum cansIs there Value in Aluminum Cans? :  It is amazing that you only need 5% of the energy to recycle an aluminum can compared to manufacturing new.

The Rotten Truth (About Garbage):  There is an online exhibit explaining everything you need to know about garbage and recycling and reuse!

Recycling: An Overview:  The U.S. department of Environmental Protection provides overviews on recycling here and different things for students to learn.

Scrap Metal Recycling Industry

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc:  This organization organization issues the guidelines, and does  research into scrap metal recycling and the problems/solutions in dealing with this.

Recycler’s WorldTypes of scrap metal recycling, plus company links for other scrap metal recycling and a  guide to non ferrous metals and how to recycle them.

NYMEX and Comex Cash is King with NJ Scrap Metal RecyclingHow Much Scrap Metal is Worth?   Most scrap metals are a “commodity item”, and traded as to supply and demand.  The London Metal Exchange (LME), the New York Metal Exchange (NYMEX), and the New York Commodities Exchange (COMEX).  See them in action:

The primary way to recycle scrap is through your municipal curbside recycling collection.   Collection of other scrap metals in NJ can be recycled once you find a scrap metal recycling location.

At Scrap Metal Recycling NJ, we want to offer you different tips, ideas and  information on recycling in New Jersey.  We will be updating you will local area recyclers, County and State Recyclers and those Junk Scrap Dealers and Scrap metal buyers in NJ that will be able to pay you cash on the spot!